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Hi Guys, Enjoy the most Powerful Submission move of all the time, Hells Gate. Please Like, share and comment, Don't forget to subscribe and also press the bell icon to stay updated Beste Antwort: Last ride he always used that when he was a bad ass revel biker dude barely uses it now and he should and second chokesla The move, now called the Hell's Gate, has since become a regular part of The Undertaker's matches. During the World Heavyweight Championship match at Breaking Point , Theodore Long overruled CM Punk 's submission to the move and forced a continuation, citing Guerrero's ban The next day, when Lexie awoke, they were now in Indianapolis. She threw the covers back, and sat up, wiping her eyes and catching sight of a bad case of bed hair in. Produktbeschreibung. Artikelinformationen. WWE - Undertaker - Hell's Gate - Front und Back bedruckt - Rundhalsausschnitt - Passform: Normal geschnitte

Hellsgate Undertaker Fans. 563 likes. Deutsche Fan Seite für die größte Wrestling Legend the Undertaker Amazon.de/Fashion: Kostenlose Lieferung und Rückgabe. WWE Undertaker - Hell's Gate Kapuzenpulli Schwarz. Jetzt bestellen Hell's Gate Metzeler resta al centro della galassia dell'Enduro, e propone la propria versione dell'Estremo, ora nella sua forma più pura e spettacolare. Approfondisci Hell's Gate Metzeler 2018 One! Serveral Undertakers were imposters. He's a one of a kind! theres been 2 but who cares hes the best in wwe The other Undertakerwas a total poser

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  1. Hells Gate is an abrupt narrowing of British Columbia's Fraser River, located immediately downstream of Boston Bar in the southern Fraser Canyon
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  4. Hellsgate Undertaker Fans. 566 likes. Deutsche Fan Seite für die größte Wrestling Legend the Undertaker

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Wich undertaker's finisher was ur fave?hell's gate,tombstone,last ride or chokeslamm? Massive attack,portishead,tricky or radiohead?wich one is ur fave band? Mehr Frage Hells gate is based off a submission that is potent but taker doesnt actually create any leverage to create the actual choke, he essentially rests the guys chin on his leg. Completely harmless. Completely harmless Best Answer: A triangle choke is more of an arm bar submission that involves wrapping your legs under the opponent's arm and neckt How do I do the Undertaker's Hell's Gate submission move in WWE 2K14? It's easy. Make sure your opponent is lying on the mat and you have signature/finisher highlighted

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  1. first hells gate by the undertaker on big daddy V on friday night smack down ~IGNORE THESE EXTRA TAGS~ Usher & Young Jeezy - Love In This Club OFFICIAL.Madonna ft.
  2. Is The Undertaker's Hells Gate in the game or at least something close to it? (And where can I find it?) Thanks
  3. Brock Lesnar schafft es im barbarischen Hell in a Cell Match gegen den Undertaker, aus dem Hell's Gate Aufgabegriff herauszukommen. Es dauerte nicht lange, bis beide Männer blutende Wunden offenbarten , mit denen die ewigen Rivalen Hell in a Cell in das Schlachthaus verwandelten, als das es bekannt und berüchtigt ist

Every time Undertaker executes that move, everyone starts bleeding out their mouths.It's pretty weird hell's gate is the most dangerous submission in wrestlingit can cause bleeding frm the mouth! wwe should banned this moved

Create a move set Superstar Undertaker Special moves Signature/finisher Select hells gate Tolle Angebote bei eBay für undertaker t-shirt. Sicher einkaufen

wich undertaker's finisher was ur fave?hell's gate,tombstone,last ride

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  2. The Undertaker nutzt seine voreingestellten Signatures und Finisher - den Last Ride und den Old School als Signature, den Tombstone Piledriver 3 und den Hells Gate als Finisher. Seine Stats wurden bislang nicht verändert, weil er von Haus aus einen OVR von über 90 hat - nur unter dieser Grenze sind Stat Updates aus der SHOPZONE überhaupt erlaubt. Sein Overall liegt bei 96
  3. In this you use your legs to hold the opponent and apply preesure to him using your feet,thus chockinjg him.that is why hell's gate is considered dangerous
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September 2009 hob Theodore Long den Bann des Hells gate auf, nachdem ihn der Undertaker in einen Sarg verfrachtete - beim PPV Hell in a Cell gelang es dem Taker, Punk in einem Hell in a Cell Match zu besiegen und sich somit zum dritten mal den WWE World Heavyweight Title zu sicher

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